Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Great RolePlaying Game called Algadon

Hi Gamelidz readers,
Have you ever imagined yourself as a hero character when playing roleplaying game on your console? I don’t know about you guys, but i think i always have a thought in mind that one day it would be great if i can immerse myself as a hero character of my favorite roleplaying game on my Xbox. Yeah, you can imagine how cool is that if we can wear ourselves a big uniform made from solid steel, and then meet another characters to buy potions, swords, or anything to complete our inventories for journey. I know that it’s a little bit childish for me, i think it would be cool. Anyway, there are a lot online roleplaying game or used to be called as MMORPG on internet that have a solid and addicting gameplay. But, i have a great one for you to try, it’s called Algadon. I know that for many of you who are reading this post will be curious with what Algadon really is? Okay, read the rest to find out more.
RolePlaying Game and RPGonline (Onlinerpg)
Algadon is a roleplaying game set in the medieval land of Algadon. In this game, you will be allowed to explore the land, perform quests, battle monsters and other ferocious beasts, and so on, just like many of great roleplaying game you have played. But what makes this Algadon is different and also interesting to play than the other MMORPG you can find on internet?

Okay, firstly, there are tons of great characters in this game that you can choose to play. You can play as a dragon, orc, elf, dwarf, mage, mystic warrior, elemental forest princess, archer, sorcerer, sorceress, assassin, barbarian, realm defender, knight, or merchant. Wow, what a great variety of characters isn’t it? Ok, secondly, if you own an iPhone or iPod Touch, you will get the most advanced roleplaying game ever made, because Algadon has also been released for the iPhone and iPod Touch users. And thirdly, i bet you will be amused with i am gonna tell you right now. In this game, you can also have your own Bank account to store your gold, and if you got wounded by some sort of obnoxious beast, you can try to heal your character by visiting a hospital in this roleplaying game. Yeah, can you believe it, i mean, i’ve never met any Online RPG on internet has their own bank or hospital service in their game.

Yeah, so i think it's guaranteed that you will get the new and fresh type of Online roleplaying game you will never find on other games. Algadon is well recommended for all of you who love playing a great and addicting Online roleplaying game.

Will Blades&Magic Appear on N-gage?

N Gage Games Blades&MagicHi Gamelidz readers,
Based on the recent progress of N-Gage games, we found no RPG games released for N-Gage, and that's too bad for this gaming gadget application when in the first release of N Gage Games or Nokia Ngage 2.0 or whatever it called, we have been promised with a better gaming experience than the first N-Gage.

Based on the research of what is the most favourite gameplay, RPG won. And then, if we meet a polling about the most favourite genre of mobile games held by mobile games blogs or websites, there is no doubt that RPG has a large number of fans out there, more than other genre. So it is funny to see that N-Gage developers dont pay attention about this genre for gaining more revenue and getting recognition in mobile games industry as well? Yeah, it's funny.

N Gage Games Blades&Magic
By the way, Giant publisher of 3D java games, Fishlabs, has planned to port their famous RPG titles, "Blades&Magic" on N-Gage in the year of 2010. Wow.. Long way to go man. Do you wonder why i said that? Yeah, because i really hope that N-Gage will survive until that year.

You might know that, Iphone has sold a large number of downloadable games through App store more than N-Gage did. In launching the App Store, Apple gathered in over a hundred games for iPhone. In a single day, Apple has managed to get more games onto its iPhone than N-Gage by quite a margin. Approximately a quarter of the 500-plus applications that hit the App Store are games, giving iPhone a significant advantage in terms of selection. And suddenly, N-Gage try their luck by porting their titles through Ovi store.

But i really hope this strategy will save N-Gage from extinction because i love N-Gage since their first release of N-gage classic and QD.

FableBack to the topic, anyway, Blades&Magic has received a critical acclaimed by mobile games award (Airgamer award, Pocketgamer award, and so on) as the best mobile games in terms of grapical and gameplay. I personally, already played it and i loved it a lot because i was mesmerised with this games strength, i mean, with my only k750i, i can have a solid 4-7 hours playing a masterpiece games as if i am playing a console games.

And the next question is, Will "Blades&Magic" appear on N-Gage?

2010 is chosen by Fishlabs to be the year when they put their successful titles to the front of N-Gage games. Powerboat challenge, Galaxy on fire, Blades&Magic is prepared to help N-Gage gaining more revenue. But with the Iphone prospect and the compablity for gaming, we shall wait whether Fishlabs are willing to "plant" their titles for N-Gage or concentrating on Iphone. Because it would be great to see Blades&Magic with "Free movement gameplay" features on N-Gage, just like Microsoft's "Fable: the lost chapter" on Xbox.
But after all, We shall wait.