Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Finding Simple Games like Solitaire for Your Macintosh

In the recent trend, many PC games have been revolutionized with much more improved gameplay and the most importantly, the graphics are becoming more real than before. This also happens to the games specifically made for Macintosh, a Mac OS-based computer, where the graphics are significantly improved and automatically, the gaming experience will also be enhanced for the users.

However, what about the other games that are less complicated but are still fun and addicting to play? What if you are already bored to play those high performance sophisticated games and wanting to play much simpler games on your Macintosh? Where exactly can we find these simple games for our Macintosh?

Okay then, look no further anymore because I’ve just stumbled upon one great website that offers exactly those simple Mac OS-based games that you are looking for. The website is called as Anyway, if this is your first time meeting with this website, is a website dedicated to share many great simple games that are downloadable for Macintosh users.

In this website, there are many games that you can try on your Macintosh, from the game called “Resurrection, New Mexico Collector’s Edition”, “Strange Cases: The secrets of Grey Myth Lake”, “Margrave: The Curse of the Several Hearts”, and many more.

In the Free Mac Games section on that website, there is also the category section, such as: Puzzle, Strategy, Hidden Object, Word, Jigsaw and more, where you can get many free games that suit with your style or preference. And last but not least, if you want to play just a simple game like Solitaire, just visit the website at http://www.simplysolitaire.comgames for mac to get the game.

So if you are still looking for simple games for your Mac, what are you waiting for? Just visit that site and find any game that you might want to play on your Macintosh. And if you want to know more about this site, it also has a Facebook page at and a Twitter account at!/gamesformac

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  1. Solitaire is one of my favorite game that keeps the player engaged using skills. It's all about logic that can make the game completed. Thank you for sharing some good things here.