Monday, December 3, 2012

More iPhone Games from Gameloft in the Future

Hi Gamelidz readers,
Have you seen the preview of iPhone Game Terminator Salvation in this blog? In that post, i mentioned that in the future, you may see other high quality games. And now that is closely to happen, because recently, Gameloft are planning to develop more iPhone games using the Terminator Salvation engine, maybe in graphical terms. It shows that Gameloft are confident with the iPhone future, considering their latest effort for developing games for N-Gage has come to an end. It is sad to say that, my favourite gadget application, N-Gage, has shown no progress during their comeback from N-Gage QD to Nokia S60 3rd. Their lack of guts for developing more brave games like full 3D RPG or other challenging games (in terms of graphical and gameplay) is one of the key reasons that makes them fall behind Iphone.
terminatorsalvation iphonegames

By the way, Gameloft partnership with the Giant publisher, Ubisoft, is continued. As we know, the two gaming publishers are recently got together on the iPhone for Assassin's Creed. And it seems that, their partnership will bring more iPhone titles in the future, and it is possible that Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, Splinter Cell: Conviction are the next target for iPhone next games.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gameloft Has Pulled Apple's iPhone from the Gutter to the Upfront

gameloftIn the significant developments of mobile games, especially iPhone games, delivering gamers with the latest news related to iPhone, iPod Touch games can be such a mass publication for Apple Company itself. Now everyone is talking about iPhone whether on their websites or their blogs. But what the heck!

It's not a question anymore that nowadays everybody loves Apple's iPhone. People are starting to use iPhone as their standard cellphones instead of other phone brand, say, Nokia. With its pride platform, App store, that holds more than hundred thousands of downloadable applications and games on 1 market, can make it easier for iPhone users to love their iPhones even better and finally has brought Apple even stronger than before.

But why Apple's iPhone has now become the most popular cellphone on this planet? Answers can be varied. Some say, it's all because the App Store itself, that makes people interested with the iPhone. Some say it's because of the iPhone's touchscreen compability, retina display, gyroscope and bla..bla..bla.

But the one thing for sure that no one doubts about it, that makes iPhone, iPod Touch, App Store itself become as big as now it's all because of this giant developer, Gameloft. Yeah Gameloft is the one that pulls Apple's iPhone from the gutter to the upfront, from the normal touchscreen cellular into the strong gaming machine. Gameloft have ported all of their proudest titles from Asphalt, Modern Combat:Sandstorm, NOVA, Hero of Sparta to the App Store and their games have been downloaded more than million times until now and boost the earnings of App Store, and of course, Gameloft company itself.

Moreover, Gameloft have once again transformed Splinter Cell series SC: Conviction from Xbox 360 and PC into the mobile form (their first effort was the release of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory on N-Gage Classic which has quiet similar gameplay with the consoles versions).

splintercell chaos theory n gage games nokia ngage

SplinterCell Chaos Theory on N-Gage

With the stunning graphics and also advanced stealth gameplay, have made Splinter Cell: Conviction on iPhone to be the worth buying mobile games on App Store, based on the reliable sources, according to AppSpy.Com, AppVee.Com and SlideToPlay.Com. So it's guaranteed that Gameloft is once again ready to put Apple's App Store to be one stop shopping source for mobile gamers all across the world and even strongest leader in gaming industry.

splintercell conviction iphonesplintercell conviction iphone
SplinterCell: Conviction on iPhone and iPod Touch