Saturday, May 24, 2008

Different Experience of Playing iPhone Games and Poker Game Card

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Nowadays, Gameloft have become the top leading company in mobile gaming industry and have established themselves as one of the strong reasons why iPhone should now be the considered as a real portable gaming and competitor for other gaming machines. Their efforts to develop many high quality games that we normally see on consoles into the mobile device have finally come to fruition. Furthermore, the releasing of a new iPhone Operating System or so called iOS 4 to the latest pride of Apple company, iPhone 4, can be the other generator that will push the creativity from game makers in Gameloft company, to the limit they never believed it before.

realracing iphoneAs many of you know, the latest operating system that being dipped inside the iPhone 4 body has significantly affected right away to the quality of the game itself (such as retina display, gyroscope feature, and many more). So, no wonder if in the future, i don’t have a single doubt that the quality of mobile games will finally be considered as equal with console games. I mean, you can look at how Gameloft, EA mobile, Glu, Firemint, and other developers take this business seriously by bringing lots of great games and pushing the quality of their games even further in order to grasp the market share around the gaming industry. Anyway, if you haven’t heard about the last game developer, Firemint, i strongly suggest you to check their pride creation on iPhone called Real Racing 1 & 2, and you will be blown away by their sick quality racing simulator game.

Anyway, talking about high quality games on iPhone device can take little bit longer if i decide to write it down in this article, considering that the catalog of iPhone games, even the high quality ones, have been rampantly grown and will cause a lot of headache for you to pick out which of them that you would like to play on your iPhone. So, let’s not talk about that.

sword and poker sword&pokerPlaying Poker Game Card on iPhone: Sword and Poker

Instead, i want to show you one cool games that i found from searching on iPhone game blogs around the internet, and this games is called Sword & Poker. Yeah, i bet you might be baffled by the sound of it. Sword & Poker is an RPG game, that lets you play a normal poker game card, but with an interesting plot of story. Different with other poker game card you can find around the App Store, this game will allow you to play poker during your adventure in the magical land. Sounds interesting right? Anyway, if you are keen to know more about this game, you should now head on to a website/blog that discusses about this game, cause i’m not gonna review that game in this article. So sorry.

Playing Poker Game Card at 888Poker
Regarding the topic about playing poker game card on iPhone, i also have another news to deliver to you, so i just get it wrapped up in this article.
Casinos Online or Online Internet Casino Game
For many people who love playing poker game card on internet, and consider this business as a great and promising money making business these days, must try an online poker game card website called 888Poker.
Casinos Online or Online Internet Casino Game on 888Poker
From what i saw on this poker website, i could find a complete information and guidance about playing poker game card on internet. In this website, you will be guaranteed to get lots of benefits if you are planning to take your best shot on 888Poker website to play online poker game card. Anyway, these are the benefits you can get from 888Poker:
  1. Welcome Bonus. By enrolling your first deposit to 888Poker, you will automatically get 100% up to $400 welcome bonus.
  2. $50K First Depositors Challenge. In your first deposit, you will get a First Depositors Challenge in the amount of $50,000.
  3. The most trusted online poker site. Deciding your path in online poker world, can be easily made because 888Poker is no doubt the most trusted online poker game card on the web.
  4. Fastest Growing Online Poker community around Canada. For people who live in Canada who want to try your luck in online poker game card, you don't to feel inferior, because the online poker game card community have been grown significantly.
  5. Win lots of great prizes. With 888poker you could win your way to international tours and exciting satellites
So to summarize what i wrote in this article, i think you've got to visit 888Poker if you are eager to know how does it feel to play online poker game card on internet than on your iPhone device.

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