Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gangstar Miami Vindication from Gameloft Rolled on iPhone

Gangstar Miami Vindication from Gameloft
Do all of you know that iPhone and iPod Touch game called Gangstar West Coast Hustle developed by Gameloft is getting its next sequel (i.e., Gangstar Miami Vindication) in September? Yeah, just like many of you guys know that Gangstar: West Coast Hustle is a GTA-type game that takes place in Los Angeles environment. After accepted a lot of great reviews and critically acclaimed as one of the hottest action games on AppStore, Gameloft are confident that the newest series of Gangstar called Gangstar Miami Vindication will be their best and ambitious creation ever made for iPhone and iPad platform. It is argued that the latest series of Gangstar Miami Vindication will take place between Miami or Las Vegas.

Anyway, in the trailer video released by Gameloft couple days ago, Gameloft revealed that this new Gangstar Miami Vindication installment will bring many new vehicles. From the images below you can see that the character is riding a bike while shooting at the enemy, sailing a boat, and he can even fly a helicopter. By far, the trailer promises us a lot in term of gameplay. In graphical term, it also shows us a little bit about the weather condition, day and night. So i am really curious a lot with all of these new features.

Gangstar Miami Vindication from GameloftGangstar Miami Vindication from GameloftGangstar Miami Vindication from Gameloft
Gangstar Miami Vindication from Gameloft

If you already played the original version, Gangstar: West Coast Hustle, you can see the the sprite objects, the trees and the poles can be easily avoided because it is not even exist, so you can pass right through the tress and poles and it will never do any harm on your car damage. And some say that this invincible objects can reduce the experience of the game. So i really hope that Gameloft will finally solve this problem by making all the sprite objects to be as real as possible because this Gangstar Miami Vindication will  be obviously compared to the Rockstar’s pride Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. So Gameloft have to be ready with this competition.

Although in the comment section of the video trailer on Youtube some of fans predict that Gangstar Miami Vindication new installment will be bigger and better than the original version, some sceptics also give their negative opinions regarding the quality of graphics and gameplay as well. So you must stick around to this blog to get the latest news related about this new Gangstar Miami Vindication. But i am personally positive that this Gameloft’s new creation will set the bar really really high on the standard game and beat Rockstar's creation, GTA for handheld and finally will help bringing mobile game industry even stronger than before.