Sunday, November 8, 2009

Are You Planning to buy an iPhone?

Hi Gamelidz readers,
screenshotNowadays, Iphone is a well known mobile phone but also a strong gaming handheld with the highest sales applications through Apple application stores. Their capability of handling such a high quality games have brought them to the top leading mobile phones. Terminator Salvation, The Watchmen or Resident Evil are their pride titles amongst their other great titles coming out in the next future. So it is fair to say that they are reigning the mobile phones industry.

Recently, iphone bring some fresh air for all who want the Iphone. They will officially released the cheaper version of Iphone, so, Iphone is not that high in price anymore, but of course with the same quality. So, it's time to grab the Iphone.

There are many option of buying an Iphone. First is, you buy from the retailer. But, have you ever thought of buying from the Iphone wholesale, i mean, you make a big purchase of wholesale Iphone, of course with a better and cut price than buying from retail. For example, if you are planning to buy an Iphone 3g with 8GB, you must pay for $399.99 Damn! It's quite expensive right? But if you make a big purchase from Iphone Wholesaler, you only have to pay for $289.99
per each.

See this detail!

iPhone 3G
8 GB = $399.99
16 GB = $499.99

8 GB = $289.99
16 GB = $315.99

So, if you are on the verge to get the iphone, then, buy from this Iphone Wholesale. Trust me, you wont regret it. They have a better price and various of options. It's your choice.