Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Will Blades&Magic Appear on N-gage?

N Gage Games Blades&MagicHi Gamelidz readers,
Based on the recent progress of N-Gage games, we found no RPG games released for N-Gage, and that's too bad for this gaming gadget application when in the first release of N Gage Games or Nokia Ngage 2.0 or whatever it called, we have been promised with a better gaming experience than the first N-Gage.

Based on the research of what is the most favourite gameplay, RPG won. And then, if we meet a polling about the most favourite genre of mobile games held by mobile games blogs or websites, there is no doubt that RPG has a large number of fans out there, more than other genre. So it is funny to see that N-Gage developers dont pay attention about this genre for gaining more revenue and getting recognition in mobile games industry as well? Yeah, it's funny.

N Gage Games Blades&Magic
By the way, Giant publisher of 3D java games, Fishlabs, has planned to port their famous RPG titles, "Blades&Magic" on N-Gage in the year of 2010. Wow.. Long way to go man. Do you wonder why i said that? Yeah, because i really hope that N-Gage will survive until that year.

You might know that, Iphone has sold a large number of downloadable games through App store more than N-Gage did. In launching the App Store, Apple gathered in over a hundred games for iPhone. In a single day, Apple has managed to get more games onto its iPhone than N-Gage by quite a margin. Approximately a quarter of the 500-plus applications that hit the App Store are games, giving iPhone a significant advantage in terms of selection. And suddenly, N-Gage try their luck by porting their titles through Ovi store.

But i really hope this strategy will save N-Gage from extinction because i love N-Gage since their first release of N-gage classic and QD.

FableBack to the topic, anyway, Blades&Magic has received a critical acclaimed by mobile games award (Airgamer award, Pocketgamer award, and so on) as the best mobile games in terms of grapical and gameplay. I personally, already played it and i loved it a lot because i was mesmerised with this games strength, i mean, with my only k750i, i can have a solid 4-7 hours playing a masterpiece games as if i am playing a console games.

And the next question is, Will "Blades&Magic" appear on N-Gage?

2010 is chosen by Fishlabs to be the year when they put their successful titles to the front of N-Gage games. Powerboat challenge, Galaxy on fire, Blades&Magic is prepared to help N-Gage gaining more revenue. But with the Iphone prospect and the compablity for gaming, we shall wait whether Fishlabs are willing to "plant" their titles for N-Gage or concentrating on Iphone. Because it would be great to see Blades&Magic with "Free movement gameplay" features on N-Gage, just like Microsoft's "Fable: the lost chapter" on Xbox.
But after all, We shall wait.

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