Monday, April 19, 2010

Gangstar West Coast Hustle Rolled Out on iPhone Soon!!

Gangstar West Coast Hustle from Gameloft

Hi Gamelidz readers,
I am so fuckin' glad that my opinion in this blog was right and in the future, will come to reality. In my previous post about "Terminator Salvation on iPhone", i said that, in the future, we will be able to see other high quality games in terms of graphics and gamplay, and i also mentioned that Gangstar West Coast Hustle, GTA type action gameplay will be ported to Iphone, and finally, that is about to become a reality. Cool

In this post, i will not discuss about the possibility of Rockstars's Grand theft auto to be released on iPhone, because recently, Gameloft has stated that the rumour about releasing of GTA: Chinatown wars is a totally hoax, nothing but a false rumour, but now, the same action type of gameplay that definitely will be released on Iphone is Gangstar West Coast Hustle. Yeah..Great news.

Gangstar West Coast Hustle from Gameloft on iPhoneGames
Gameloft has comfirmed the releasing of this Gangstar series and the game itself are being prepared exclusively on Iphone. Yeah.. Gangstar West Coast Hustle is made for Iphone, because Gangstar West Coast Hustle will use fully 3D open-world action engine and i think only Iphone engine that can handle this kind of game.

The story of Gangstar West Coast Hustle itself is set in Los Angeles where you as the character have a to take the role of gang member and face a variety of missions in a climb to the top of the criminal underworld. Just like the normal GTA type games, you can hijack cars and drive it around the city for mission accomplishment or just hanging around the city and teasing girls in the street. Other great thing that will be offered by Gangstar West Coast Hustle is a reputation system that will allow you to build your own gang's wealth, strength across the city.
Gangstar West Coast Hustle from Gameloft on iPhoneGames
Anyway, A German website,, has an early video of Gangstar: West Coast Hustle. Just take a peek before you make a decision of buying an iPhone (aff) on Amazon.

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