Sunday, August 29, 2010

Doom Resurrection of Evil Released on iPhone and iPod now

Doom Resurrection of Evil Released on iPhoneGames

Hi Gamelidz readers,
Interesting news. Doom Resurrection of Evil is now on iPhone. Doom is very famous First Person Shooter games in consoles, and now this game is ready to take charge the mobile game industry. Doom Resurrection on Iphone is definitely will be as gorgeous as the consoles version in graphics and gameplay aswell.

Doom Resurrection of Evil, which developed by Id Software, uses art assets and concepts originally built for the PC which is made exclusively for Iphone.

The story is begun on a remote outpost on the planet Mars where the Scientists have lost control of their experiment. Demonic monsters are scattering through an interdimensional hole that's opened up a portal to hell. Everything from a chainsaw to a shotgun, assault rifle and more, will be your best friends to keep the monsters at bay. Interesting, huh? Doom Resurrection of Evil offers eight levels total in an advanced graphics engine.

So, If you are planning to buy Doom Resurrection of Evil, you better know your Iphone engine software. System requirements is iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later.

In App store, Doom Resurrection of Evil is worth $10 download. Anyway, if you dont have an iPod Touch, (what? You call yourself a gadget freak, but still dont own an Iphone? Sorry, Just kidding guys!), then let's buy it at Amazon, i bought Iphone from Amazon, they offer iPod touch with a good price. So what are you waiting for? Off to Amazon!!

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