Saturday, June 6, 2009

TwitterApps for Nokia Symbian 9

Hi Gamelidz readers,
I am here to deliver you a great news if you are Twitter lover. Twitterapps has been released for Nokia Symbian 9.

Now you can use your S60 Symbian phone to Tweet. Do you know Twitter, if you dont understand, let me explain to you.

Twitter is a social community similar with Facebook or Friendster where we can update our recent activity and attract some new friends who want to get the latest update from us.

It's also a great tool to attract visitors to our blog or website and drive traffic to us. So no wonder if you see the words like this: "How to be a businessman".

Twitter is popular these days and we have more and more apps ready to help you tweet while on the move. Twitterapps called TweetS60 is a mobile application made for Symbian S60 phones.

The application is a native Twitterapps for S60 which will fit very well with 3rd and 5th edition smartphones. The application is public as a beta right now and it comes with the following features:
  • Post directly from your phone
  • Faster and more efficient than the mobile site
  • Keep up to date with automatic polling
  • Manage who you're following on the go
Here's where you get the 5th edition version and here where you can get the 3rd edition version.

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