Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nokia N 97 is Ready to Compete in Mobile Industry

Nokia N 97
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While the mobile technology has become so complicated these days and Nokia is not reigning the mobile industry anymore (or at least, they are not the King anymore) and iPhone is getting bigger and stronger in mobile industry market, Nokia N97 is set to be rolled out soon. But what Nokia could possibly offer with their new gadget? Can it compete with a modern gaming platform from Apple's iPhone or other brands?. Many questions to answer. But while we are waiting for Nokia N 97 occurrence, i have an interesting news about N97. Nokia N 97 is Ready to be released in handheld gaming Industry

Nokia N 97 is set to be rolled out soon, but is it ready to bring something new to the market? Read this article.

It is argued that Nokia N97's Symbian operating system (OS) is outdated and nothing but primitive. Nokia corporation seems never listen to what people said about their OS and in the era of smartphones software is the most important thing.
The new strategy of Nokia will place even more focus on software. They plan not only for handsets alone but a separate division has been established to roll out the new generation of Internet services. The problem however is such that Nokia has been facing problems developing software since the very time they entered the smartphone business and so they steadily lose their market share to players like HTC, Apple and Android.
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