Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cheap iPhones from Apple will be Released Soon

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This news is a great news if you are on the verge of buying an iPhone but don't have enough cash to get this modern gaming machine. This great news is guaranteed will fulfill your deep desire to iPhone. Cheap iPhones from Apple will be Released Soon. Read the rest!
Recently, Apple plans to introduce cheap iPhones as soon as June 8, 2009, the Financial Times reports. The new device might be priced at either $99 or $149, and would have a dramatic effect on iPhone sales especially if AT&T decides to introduce a variable-use pricing plan for lighter users. Damn great news right?

The rumored device also would include cut and paste capabilities and video capture and editing.

Analysts do expect a price cut of either $50 or $100 and estimate that a $50 price cut could increase demand by 50 percent and....

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