Tuesday, June 16, 2009

PSP vs iPhone: Will iPhone Beat PlayStation Portable?

Are you desperate to grab an iPhone but dont have enough cash to land an Iphone to your hand? Don't worry, the cheaper version will be released soon, so, be patient guys. Anyway, CEO from the famous 3D games publisher, Fishlabs, Michael Schade, has stated that he was cautious on the iPhone potensial to outdo Sony's PSP in the terms of graphical capabilities.
The reasons is the new iPhone's OpenGL 2.0 support will allow developers for crafting games that will push the iPhone beyond PSP.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

N gage Games Dance Fabulous Released on N-Gage

N gage Games Dance Fabulous Released on Nokia Ngage
Hi Gamelidz readers,
Another great news for N-Gage users all across the world. The new N gage games titled "Dance Fabulous" is set to be released amongst other 1st party and 3rd party titles on N-Gage. If you like dance music type of gameplay, so this game will suit you well. Last i heard, musician, Dave Stewart and Interscope records is set to be joint the collaboration with N Gage games. It is described as a mash-up between music and gaming, where players will need to create their choreography and collect points into the dancing moves.

For information, in your own avatars, you can mix and match amongst the variety of dance styles also with the dance sets, and thus the players will have the chance to share their own moves with friends and other players in N Gage games arena.

Dance Fabulous also introduces a new artist, Cindy Gomez, including a dancing Gomez avatar and her songs. Gomez's debut single Again & Again has been released in Nokia Music Store. Her debut album coming later this year will also be available for download in Nokia Music Store.

Anyway, if you have a symbian 3rd edition with N-Gage compability, then hurry join us, N-Gage users all across the world. Begin to the tutorial step by step "how to install N-Gage games". Many titles have been rolled out such as : Resident Evil Degeneration, Metal Gear Solid, FIFA 09, and other stunning N Gage games.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Upcoming Java Gaming in August

Hi Gamelidz readers,
I have another Upcoming Java Gaming in August. You may see them in the couple of month later. Glad to hear that Nitro street racing 2 will be released soon following the successful first series, i am also glad to see Sam Fisher will be back with another stealth action, "Splinter cell:Conviction". Another new titles will also be out next month, read the rest to find out more..
1. X Games Head Trip (by Starwave)
2. JONAS! (by Disney)
3. 4 Elements - Puzzledom (by RealArcade/Mr.Goodliving)
4. Cleopatra's Treasures (by Digital Chocolate)
5. The Legend Of God Beasts (by Sphinx Entertainment)
6. Crazy Taxi (by Sega Mobile/Venan Entertainment)
7. Bejeweled Twist (by PopCap Games Inc)
8. Beach Games: 12 Pack (by Digital Chocolate/Kuuasema)
9. Egypt 3D (by NetLizard)
10. Hard Rock: Casino Collection (by EA Mobile)
11. Nitro Street Racing 2, (by Gameloft)
12. Super Yum Yum 2 (by Airplay)
13. Splinter Cell: Conviction (by Gameloft)
14. NOM Zero (by Gamevil)
15. Untangle (by Alibom)

Casinos Online Has Now Become a Great Money Making Business

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cheap iPhones from Apple will be Released Soon

Cheapiphone, Cheap iPhones
Hi Gamelidz readers,
This news is a great news if you are on the verge of buying an iPhone but don't have enough cash to get this modern gaming machine. This great news is guaranteed will fulfill your deep desire to iPhone. Cheap iPhones from Apple will be Released Soon. Read the rest!
Recently, Apple plans to introduce cheap iPhones as soon as June 8, 2009, the Financial Times reports. The new device might be priced at either $99 or $149, and would have a dramatic effect on iPhone sales especially if AT&T decides to introduce a variable-use pricing plan for lighter users. Damn great news right?

The rumored device also would include cut and paste capabilities and video capture and editing.

Analysts do expect a price cut of either $50 or $100 and estimate that a $50 price cut could increase demand by 50 percent and....

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TwitterApps for Nokia Symbian 9

Hi Gamelidz readers,
I am here to deliver you a great news if you are Twitter lover. Twitterapps has been released for Nokia Symbian 9.

Now you can use your S60 Symbian phone to Tweet. Do you know Twitter, if you dont understand, let me explain to you.

Twitter is a social community similar with Facebook or Friendster where we can update our recent activity and attract some new friends who want to get the latest update from us.

It's also a great tool to attract visitors to our blog or website and drive traffic to us. So no wonder if you see the words like this: "How to be a businessman http://is.gd/1rgd".

Twitter is popular these days and we have more and more apps ready to help you tweet while on the move. Twitterapps called TweetS60 is a mobile application made for Symbian S60 phones.

The application is a native Twitterapps for S60 which will fit very well with 3rd and 5th edition smartphones. The application is public as a beta right now and it comes with the following features:
  • Post directly from your phone
  • Faster and more efficient than the mobile site
  • Keep up to date with automatic polling
  • Manage who you're following on the go
Here's where you get the 5th edition version and here where you can get the 3rd edition version.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nokia N 97 is Ready to Compete in Mobile Industry

Nokia N 97
Hi gamelidz reader,
While the mobile technology has become so complicated these days and Nokia is not reigning the mobile industry anymore (or at least, they are not the King anymore) and iPhone is getting bigger and stronger in mobile industry market, Nokia N97 is set to be rolled out soon. But what Nokia could possibly offer with their new gadget? Can it compete with a modern gaming platform from Apple's iPhone or other brands?. Many questions to answer. But while we are waiting for Nokia N 97 occurrence, i have an interesting news about N97. Nokia N 97 is Ready to be released in handheld gaming Industry

Nokia N 97 is set to be rolled out soon, but is it ready to bring something new to the market? Read this article.

It is argued that Nokia N97's Symbian operating system (OS) is outdated and nothing but primitive. Nokia corporation seems never listen to what people said about their OS and in the era of smartphones software is the most important thing.
The new strategy of Nokia will place even more focus on software. They plan not only for handsets alone but a separate division has been established to roll out the new generation of Internet services. The problem however is such that Nokia has been facing problems developing software since the very time they entered the smartphone business and so they steadily lose their market share to players like HTC, Apple and Android.
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