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What i Need to Do before Formatting Nokia?

In this article, i am gonna show you about

What We Need to Do before Formatting Nokia?

Maybe this formatting nokia tips can be very useful tips considering that what you gonna do will delete all files in phone memory, including your contact list, saved games/application file in phone memory.

These is the list of what you need to do before formatting nokia.

1. Save your contact to the sim card contact memory.

2. Save your text files on notes application to the memory card using x-plorer application by creating new text file, if you have an important text files such as keygen, or password, etc.

3. Reinstall your important java application such as operamini mod application on your memory card,and then install midlet restorer on memory card and run the midlet restorer, after doing hard format, run midlet restorer again, because after doing hard format, your application in memory card will be reinstalled automaticly. So your operamini bookmarks will be saved in memory card.

4. Save your saved games data for Ngage 2.0 Games.
How to find Ngage 2.0 Saved data?
This is what you need to do, open the secman application, turn the file access on, open the x-plorer application, go to c:/private/ and copy the 20007b39 folder to memory card. And after
A. formatting nokia, and
B. adjusting your phone,
C. installing Ngage 2.0 Application,
D. run the Ngage 2.0 Application, and then, put back the 20007b39 folder to c:/private/ .

If you have other games such as Real football 2009 HD, Assassins creed HD, etc. Dont delete that games, the games will be automatically reinstalled itself with the save data.

5. Save the java application in memory card before formatting nokia and run the application called "midlet restorer", you can get it in this blog.

6. If you use magic key application, go to c:/system/apps/magickey and save the file called "config.ini" to memory card and put it back to the same folder after formatting nokia, of course after adjusting your phone, and install magic key apps.

So that's it, good luck with formatting nokia.

This tips will be updated..

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