Saturday, May 23, 2009

What is Your Favorite Gameplay in Video Games?

Hi Gamelidy readers,
Let me ask you first, what is your favorite gameplay in video games? Maybe i will get many variety of answers, because we love different type of games, we love soccer game, adventure, RPG, and so on..

But what will we get if MobileGamesUnlimited website held some poll about the most favourite gameplay in mobile games industry. The poll, conducted by the MobileGamesUnlimited website, asked visitors to reveal their favourite genre of mobile game, and the Adventure/RPG category won by a large margin.
The category bagged 36 per cent of the votes, double the amount of the Strategy genre, which grabbed 18 per cent, and sports genre with 16 per cent.

Puzzle/quiz, racing and card games were next, but beat-em-ups, platformers, shooters and movie licenses were were a long way back.
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