Sunday, May 17, 2009

To be announced games

Hi Gamelidz readers,
I have a "To Be Announced java games" whether by big publisher or small publisher. I marked with the red word for the most awaited games. Ignore the other because you wont see that games in my blog. Sorry..
I think the most awaited games in the list would be Guitar Rock Tour 2 and Spiderman: Toxic City. Here's the list:

1. The Sims 3 (by EA Mobile
2. Spiderman: Toxic City (by Gameloft)
3. Diamond Islands (by Digital Chocolate)
4. Disneys Kingdom: Kart Racer (by Disney Mobile)
5. Where's Waldo? (by Capcom Mobile)
6. Hard Rock: Casino Collection (by EA Mobile)
7. Super Rebond (by Mr.Goodliving)
8. Monster Smash (by Appabove Games, LLC)
9. Nightclub Fever (by Digital Chocolate)
10. Jewel Quest Deluxe (by I-play)
11. Marble Cannon (by Nokia)
12. Wallace & Gromit: Adventures (by Unknown)
13. Guitar Rock Tour 2 (by Gameloft)
14. UP (by THQ Wireless)
15. Metal Gear (by Konami Digital Entertainment/Connect2Media)
16. Sonic Unleashed (by Gameloft & SEGA)
17. Crazy Monkey Spin (by Digital Chocolate)
18. Coin Flipper (by Inlogic Software)
19. M.U.M.U. Judgment Day (by Herocraft)
20. 1942 (by Capcom Mobile)

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