Friday, May 15, 2009

Resident Evil Degeneration N-Gage Review

N Gage Games Resident Evil Degeneration Game: Resident Evil Degeneration
OS Nokia Ngage 2.0
GENRE Horror-Third person shooter
DESCRIPTION From the famous console games and films, now we have the most horrifying zombie shooter game, Resident Evil Degeneration on N-Gage. 

Okay, in this article, i will start to review some of N-gage 2.0 games that are considered by Gamelidz as a worth buying games.

I think, Capcom is really serious in developing this game. You can see how well they create the atmosphere and bring the horrifying artistic into Resident Evil Degeneration. The texture is really smooth for mobile games standards. You may remember about N-Gage classic game called Splinter cell: Chaos theory (SC:CT) right? the same genre in gameplay for comparing. In Chaos Theory, you may see how rough the graphic in that game. The texture  is really lame and looks just like a 3D cartoon, although the gameplay in that game is superb and brilliant which brings the same exactly gameplay from its predecessors on consoles. But in Resident Evil Degeneration, you may feel like you really play the same exact console version of this game. The frame rate of this game is simply smooth, which is the good point for mobile game standards, great and smooth graphics.
N Gage Games Resident Evil Degeneration  
For Resident Evil Degeneration gameplay, i think, Capcom is trying to adjust the gameplay for this mobile version with the console ones. The gameplay in this game is really simple (not like in the consoles version) and i must say this game is a little bit easy to play. It is really facile to kill all the zombies that stand in your way. You just need to point the red x-ray on your gun to the core of the zombie's head But that doesn't make this game so crappy and lame in gameplay aspect. Somehow, i just enjoy playing it, while hearing the groaning of zombies, looking at them, pointing to the head, and shooting them till they down on their knees and getting death. But it's cool!

The sound in Resident Evil Degeneration is surprisingly terrific. Great theme song and creepy voice actor from groaning of zombies, clear gun shot sounds depend on what gun you choose. Superb! By the way, in this game, you can choose variety of gun types, from magnum, electric saw, shotgun, AK-47, grenade, machine gun, but it's a shame that we can't find a bazooka, because i will love to see all the zombies in one place and destroy them with a massive destruction. Nice.

Storyline is great! Not boring to follow the whole story of Resident Evil Degeneration. You have to find the survivors from the plane crash and rescue them to the safe place and avoid the survivors and yourself of course, from getting bitten by the dog, ehm.. sorry, by the zombies.

I have to admit that this is the greatest mobile game so far, and they really set the bar high, although in graphics, i must say, other N-GAGE 2.0 games called "ONE" will win the competition. But overall, this games can kill other games on N-Gage platform. And that's really good, because other developers will finally take this business seriously and keep creating some good stuff for gaming for the long sweet future.
Once again, Fantastic!

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