Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ngage Error When Opening and Installing Games

Have you ever faced Ngage Error problem when opening and installing games? Suddenly your N-gage application wont run, and always closes itself. If you face this Ngage Error problem, then Gamelidz will help you solve this problem.

There is a few reason that your N-gage application wont run. We have experienced this, so we can identify the right reason why this could be happen.

First, You might know an application called "Font router", if you don't know about this application, let me explain to you, so you will understand. Font router is an application we can use to re-size and change our font or text on your phone. If you use Computer, you can change your font maybe to beautify your computer interface. So know we can change our phone font (it's rhyme).

Back to the problem. If we use font router than Ngage Error will appear because maybe the font wont fit or suitable with N-gage application.

So the best way to solve this Ngage Error problem is, we have to choose between font router or N-gage. I personaly would choose N-gage and sacrifice the Font router application.

Remove your Memory card, and then restart your phone, in stand by mode, put back your memory card and finally delete font router application.

So it solves the Ngage Error problem.

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