Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nokia Ngage is Lacking of Guts in Releasing More Challenging Games

Nokia Ngage N gage Games
What i meant as Nokia Ngage is lacking of guts in releasing more challenging Nokia Ngage games doesn't mean that Nokia Ngage is a coward. No, i mean, if you look at many games that have been developed by Nokia Ngage so far, they seem never listen to their fans. And then, if you see on many Nokia Ngage forums, fans always voice their heart to RPG or Role Playing Games. Even on the polling section, RPG always won. And it's not a question anymore that generally, all mobile gamers (or even console gamers) always love RPG games.

They love doing quest gameplay, collecting stuff, gaining levels or skills, buying potions, selling swords or anything to get penny, wearing heavy uniforms, talking to the people, etc. Well, it's all what RPG is all about. And that is the standard strategy for game developers and a simple question for them of "What a kind of Nokia Ngage game that for sure will make a lot of money for them".

roleplaying game rpggames fableFew years ago, i didn't like any RPG type of game before i met an XBOX game called "Fable", developed by Microsoft. Damn!! That game really changed my mind about RPG, and after that i felt like RPG became my the best gameplay i've ever played in my whole life.

So for conclusion, its not that hard for Nokia Ngage programmers or even CEO or anyone who works there to just focus on making great RPG games, because, of course that kind of gameplay will make a lot of money for them, and save N-Gage from extinction.

So i think Nokia Ngage is lacking of guts!

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