Saturday, May 23, 2009

Metalgear Solid NGage Review

N Gage Games MetalGear Solid SolidSnake for Nokia Ngage
Game: Metalgear Solid

OS: Nokia Ngage 2.0
Publisher: Konami
Genre : Stealth action
Review: Our next review for the NGAGE 2.0 game is Metal gear solid.
Description: Help solid snake to prevent the metal gear system from being used to create mass destruction weapon by enemy!.

Firstly, i will talk about graphics from Metalgear Solid. Basicly, we will get the great aspect from this game. And that is a great texture from this games graphic, you can see how smooth the graphic is. It is very clean graphic if we zoom the wall, solid snake face texture, the movement is so great too, or even too smooth for human normal movement, maybe that is the minus point from this game, solid snake's movement. We can see from other stealth games, for comparing, Splinter cell: Chaos theory n-gage classic version (i luv this superb game), the movement of Sam fisher is so soft and heavy because that is how the human body move. Next, The framerates is superb terrific, because we cannot find the lame part from this game or error bugs, everything is so smooth. Nice!

For gameplay, maybe Metalgear Solid gameplay uses map style or room style gameplay. Why i said that? Because in this game, we can see the whole room. MGS is not using the gameplay like SC:CT, third person shooter. And then we have the radar if we play in normal dificulty, the radar contains enemy movement radar, enemy alert alarm, and enemy arm/unarmed radar. But dont worry, if we play hard dificulty, we dont have the radar anymore, and you're on your own.
Good luck!

Other aspect from Metalgear Solid gameplay is, how the level is too short for mobile games standard. You may also remember other game such as, Assassin's creed HD, SC:CT, they both have a long level gameplay, and great storyline aswell. And Metalgear Solid doesn't have that aspect. Because, a lot of gamer expect more from this game when they put this game in the market. They expected more level, more storyline, more intrigue, more mission, and so on. But, they didn't get it. Maybe that is the consideration from Konami developer. And that is too shame!

For sounds aspect, maybe not too special, i am not saying that this game's sounds is crappy. But it is too average. The theme song is changing depends on the game situation. It goes fast if enemy is alerted, but it goes normal and slow if they dont find anything.

Metalgear Solid is a cool game, but not too special. Maybe for the short mission aspect. But, it is worth to buy. Dont expect too much!

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