Saturday, May 23, 2009

Opera Mini Jar Modification Can be a Great Platform for Blogging

Maybe some of you already knew that our Os9 phone can do the blogging stuff with Blogger. Yeah, its true. Blogging with Opera Mini Jar can be so relaxing to do. It's even better using our phone to blog than our PC. And we can use opera mini jar modification to make it easy for us to manage our blog. We can copy text or url, paste, multiple text copy, and whatever.

For me, personally, opera mini jar mod it's great gadget for us to do the internet stuff, and it's very fast and cheap.
Get opera mini jar mod. here

Ok, let's proceed to the tutorial session, How to do a blogging with our OS9 phone.

First of all, you must assign a key to do some blogging job on opera mini jar mod.
This is my shortcut key, maybe some of you are interesting to assign a shortcut key just like i do.

Shortcut key:
#1. Download (download list)
#2. Copy (copy url address)
* To paste the url, enter the textbox you edit and then press PASTE. You can do a multiple copy by just pressing #2 on every url you wish to copy, and it will be shown on "the multi-clipboard".
#3. Save images
#4. Home
#5. History
#6. Text screen (copy text/screen you highlight)
* To copy text, enter the textbox, press mark button on the right key and then block the text you wish to copy.
#7. Add bookmark
#8. Setting
#9. Save (save page)
#0. Go to the end of page (to skip or fast scrolling)

If you don't want to bother yourself to set the key. Download this , extract the file, and then run opera mini jar mod. , go to menu-tools-setting-imp/exp, and then import that file i gave you. And it's done.

And for *1 - *9 is a shortcut key for url address. You can assign it yourself.

Ok let's start blogging. Good luck..

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