Saturday, May 23, 2009

Telkomsel iPhone Will be Released in Indonesia

It's a great news for Indonesian people that have a big desire on iPhone series. We heard from other source that Indonesian operator Telkomsel iPhone will begin selling iPhone this week in Indonesia, and it is becoming one of the first operators in a country to launch the handset in a developing of Asian market. Wow, interesting is'nt it!
The Telkomsel iPhone 3G will launch in Jakarta on March 20, with a countrywide launch following beginning on March 28, Telkomsel said. The operator's 3G network currently covers more than 140cities across the country. Telkomsel said it will spend $1.5 billion this year to further upgrade the network. The handset will retail from 2.62million rupiah $220, and will be sold at Telkomsel distributors including GraPARI, Trikomsel Oke and Telesindo shop. News taken and edited from
Hopefully, Telkomsel iPhone will sell it with a good price considering Indonesia is a semi develop country, where most of the people have mid or low income, but big desire on telecomunication technology. Trust me, in this country, we are phone maniac!!

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