Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bounce Boing Voyage Updated Version for N-Gage

Hi Gamelidz readers,
Have you played Bounce Boing Voyage, the masterpiece and brilliant 3D platform game?
If you have Nokia N73, N95, N81, 5700XM, or others, i have a great for you. Bounce Boing Voyage Updated version has been released for Nokia N-Gage

N gage Games Bounce Boing Voyage or Bounce N-gage Updated for Nokia Ngage
By the way, if you already played Bounce Boing Voyage, recently, N-Gage released the Updated version of that game. The updated will bring a accelerometers feature, where you can tilt the phone to control the main character (or you can use the traditional button controls if you prefer). If you've already bought the game you can get the updated version free, and if you haven't bought the game you can buy it from the N-Gage showroom tab. Instructions for updating existing games are below.

How to update Bounce Boing Voyage to the new version:
1. Open your phone's N-Gage application.
2. Go to "My Games".
3. Select the Bounce Boing Voyage icon.
4. Select "Options" and then "Remove". Confirm the removal. Wait for the removal to be completed. When it's removed, there will be a ghostly version of its icon to indicate that Bounce's savegame data has been preserved.
5. Go to the Showroom tab and select the Bounce update icon. If you can't see it, select "Options" and then "Update Now", or select "See All Games".
6. Install the updated Bounce free trial, following the on-screen instructions. It will automatically turn into the full version if you already owned the old version.
7. Bounce's icon in the "My Games" section should now be back to normal, and you can start the updated game by clicking on the icon.
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