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Bounce Boing Voyage Updated Version for N-Gage

Hi Gamelidz readers,
Have you played Bounce Boing Voyage, the masterpiece and brilliant 3D platform game?
If you have Nokia N73, N95, N81, 5700XM, or others, i have a great for you. Bounce Boing Voyage Updated version has been released for Nokia N-Gage

N gage Games Bounce Boing Voyage or Bounce N-gage Updated for Nokia Ngage
By the way, if you already played Bounce Boing Voyage, recently, N-Gage released the Updated version of that game. The updated will bring a accelerometers feature, where you can tilt the phone to control the main character (or you can use the traditional button controls if you prefer). If you've already bought the game you can get the updated version free, and if you haven't bought the game you can buy it from the N-Gage showroom tab. Instructions for updating existing games are below.

How to update Bounce Boing Voyage to the new version:
1. Open your phone's N-Gage application.
2. Go to "My Games".
3. Select the Bounce Boing Voyage icon.
4. Select "Options" and then "Remove". Confirm the removal. Wait for the removal to be completed. When it's removed, there will be a ghostly version of its icon to indicate that Bounce's savegame data has been preserved.
5. Go to the Showroom tab and select the Bounce update icon. If you can't see it, select "Options" and then "Update Now", or select "See All Games".
6. Install the updated Bounce free trial, following the on-screen instructions. It will automatically turn into the full version if you already owned the old version.
7. Bounce's icon in the "My Games" section should now be back to normal, and you can start the updated game by clicking on the icon.
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

What is Your Favorite Gameplay in Video Games?

Hi Gamelidy readers,
Let me ask you first, what is your favorite gameplay in video games? Maybe i will get many variety of answers, because we love different type of games, we love soccer game, adventure, RPG, and so on..

But what will we get if MobileGamesUnlimited website held some poll about the most favourite gameplay in mobile games industry. The poll, conducted by the MobileGamesUnlimited website, asked visitors to reveal their favourite genre of mobile game, and the Adventure/RPG category won by a large margin.
The category bagged 36 per cent of the votes, double the amount of the Strategy genre, which grabbed 18 per cent, and sports genre with 16 per cent.

Puzzle/quiz, racing and card games were next, but beat-em-ups, platformers, shooters and movie licenses were were a long way back.
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EAgames Lines Up iPhone Games in 2009

EA Mobile Lines Up iPhoneGames for EAgames in 2009
As many of you know, EAgames is a well known games publisher for console and Pc games. Nowadays, they have tried their luck with releasing some handheld games especially for iPhone platform. According to, EAgames is ready to Line Up iPhone games in 2009.

Need for Speed: Undercover is already out, The Sims 3 will be released soon while some famous and new titles will be brought during 09. Interested? Read the rest article.
Users of the iPhone (and iPod touch) should expect more games from EAgames this 2009, as the company recently bared its rollout plans for the year.
Coming very soon are the Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf and Trivial Pursuit.
The company also plans to roll out iPhone/iPod touch versions of popular games such as Monopoly "classic," Trivial Pursuit and Clue, among others.
Coming this year from EA are Wolfenstein RPG, FIFA Soccer, Madden NFL, NBA Live, Spore Creatures, Mystery Mania, American Idol, Command & Conquer, snowboarding game SSX, Need for Speed and The Sims 3.

Playstation 1 Emulator for Nokia Symbian 9

Hi gamelidz readers,
For all symbian OS9 users out there, i have a great news for you all. Are you bored with all the java games, symbian games, or even N-Gage stuff on your phone? If you so, you better prepare yourself with this news. Playstation 1 Emulator has been released for Nokia Symbian 9

After long time awaited, symbian programmers has been working so damn hard to make a better version of Playstation 1 Emulator for symbian OS9 hardware. Yes, Playstation 1 Emulator for mobile phones. Furthermore, They (programmers) really pushed the limit to make this Playstation 1 Emulator runs perfectly. Although it needs a lot of improvement to make this Playstation 1 Emulator to be the strongest machine to run all Playstation roms in the future. But we have to believe that it is gonna happened someday when we can play a game with high quality graphics smoothly.

So what are you waiting for?
For installation instruction of Playstation 1 Emulator GO HERE!

And for Playstation 1 Emulator itself GO HERE!

iPhone Has Turned into Strong Handheld Gaming

iphonegames iphoneapps

Another good news for iPhone fans. According to Reuters, Apple's pride, iPhone has turned into strong handheld gaming.

It was already known that iPhone is a good handheld gaming with a good compatibility for handling such a high quality games. Apple's iPhone has emerged as a serious mobile game platform, fulfilling the long-held promise of handheld gaming and also positioning itself as a strong competitor to hand held consoles.
iphonegames iphoneappsBased on the Iphone sales data, with around 30million devices on the market -17 million iPhones and 13 million iPod Touches - and access to thousands of games at their slightest whim, consumers are buying and playing games by the tens of millions. Damn!
"The iPhone is a threat to other portable handheld gaming platforms," quoted from Mitch Lasky, a partner with venture capital firm Benchmark Capital, and the former CEO of Jamdat Mobile.
And other aspect which support iPhone is a game publishers include big names such as Electronic Arts, Gameloft and Glu Mobile, up-and-coming outfits like ngmoco and small developers has joined the competition.

Director of Gameloft public relations, Sanette Chao, said the company has made more revenue selling iPhone and iPod touch games in the past eight months than it has made overall from some other handhelds. So it means, this is another bad news for other handsets when Big developers might leave them.

Furthermore, Gameloft offers 27 games in the App Store and has sold 2 million copies so far. "That shows it's a serious gaming platform," he said.

Why iPhone has succeed their goals to become the most wanted handheld gaming?

Developers say the key to success is maneuvering a game onto a top 10 or top 25 list, where consumers can easily find them.

Founder of iPhone application development company, John Casasanta, said the App Store has been "hugely lucrative" for the company, generating more than $500,000 in sales.

So for all iPhone fans out there who are planning to get iPhone (aff), you better hurry go to Amazon, they have a good price and good quality, better than if you buy on the phone market!

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Nokia Secret Codes or IMEI on Nokia Symbian 9

Before i show you about: Nokia Secret Codes, on Nokia Symbian 9, let me tell you some story in this article.

It seems relaxing when we are blogging and are accompanied with hot coffee milk. Yeah, that's becoming my routine activity everyday while i am thinking about new stuff to write to this blog. And that's not easy to create some good post and fresh content.

Because i created a blog about phone, where all the post at least must have synchronization with phone topic. So hot coffee milk is my best friend.

Nokia Secret Codes, and How to Check IMEI Nokia or Checkimei for Nokia Symbian 9Thank God i have my lovely 5700XM, like i said before, this gadget push my mind to the edge to create some fresh topic. I don't know why, but when i look it, i grab it, and i push the button, my mind like spinning itself, ha..ha.

Okay, enough "bullshiting" (once again, is it the right word? Ha..ha..ha)

Did you know that Nokia secret codes or imei number of Nokia phone can be checked by pressing *#06# (star, hash, 06, hash).

Okay, enough session.

Ngage Error When Opening and Installing Games

Have you ever faced Ngage Error problem when opening and installing games? Suddenly your N-gage application wont run, and always closes itself. If you face this Ngage Error problem, then Gamelidz will help you solve this problem.

There is a few reason that your N-gage application wont run. We have experienced this, so we can identify the right reason why this could be happen.

First, You might know an application called "Font router", if you don't know about this application, let me explain to you, so you will understand. Font router is an application we can use to re-size and change our font or text on your phone. If you use Computer, you can change your font maybe to beautify your computer interface. So know we can change our phone font (it's rhyme).

Back to the problem. If we use font router than Ngage Error will appear because maybe the font wont fit or suitable with N-gage application.

So the best way to solve this Ngage Error problem is, we have to choose between font router or N-gage. I personaly would choose N-gage and sacrifice the Font router application.

Remove your Memory card, and then restart your phone, in stand by mode, put back your memory card and finally delete font router application.

So it solves the Ngage Error problem.

Telkomsel iPhone Will be Released in Indonesia

It's a great news for Indonesian people that have a big desire on iPhone series. We heard from other source that Indonesian operator Telkomsel iPhone will begin selling iPhone this week in Indonesia, and it is becoming one of the first operators in a country to launch the handset in a developing of Asian market. Wow, interesting is'nt it!
The Telkomsel iPhone 3G will launch in Jakarta on March 20, with a countrywide launch following beginning on March 28, Telkomsel said. The operator's 3G network currently covers more than 140cities across the country. Telkomsel said it will spend $1.5 billion this year to further upgrade the network. The handset will retail from 2.62million rupiah $220, and will be sold at Telkomsel distributors including GraPARI, Trikomsel Oke and Telesindo shop. News taken and edited from
Hopefully, Telkomsel iPhone will sell it with a good price considering Indonesia is a semi develop country, where most of the people have mid or low income, but big desire on telecomunication technology. Trust me, in this country, we are phone maniac!!

Metalgear Solid NGage Review

N Gage Games MetalGear Solid SolidSnake for Nokia Ngage
Game: Metalgear Solid

OS: Nokia Ngage 2.0
Publisher: Konami
Genre : Stealth action
Review: Our next review for the NGAGE 2.0 game is Metal gear solid.
Description: Help solid snake to prevent the metal gear system from being used to create mass destruction weapon by enemy!.

Firstly, i will talk about graphics from Metalgear Solid. Basicly, we will get the great aspect from this game. And that is a great texture from this games graphic, you can see how smooth the graphic is. It is very clean graphic if we zoom the wall, solid snake face texture, the movement is so great too, or even too smooth for human normal movement, maybe that is the minus point from this game, solid snake's movement. We can see from other stealth games, for comparing, Splinter cell: Chaos theory n-gage classic version (i luv this superb game), the movement of Sam fisher is so soft and heavy because that is how the human body move. Next, The framerates is superb terrific, because we cannot find the lame part from this game or error bugs, everything is so smooth. Nice!

For gameplay, maybe Metalgear Solid gameplay uses map style or room style gameplay. Why i said that? Because in this game, we can see the whole room. MGS is not using the gameplay like SC:CT, third person shooter. And then we have the radar if we play in normal dificulty, the radar contains enemy movement radar, enemy alert alarm, and enemy arm/unarmed radar. But dont worry, if we play hard dificulty, we dont have the radar anymore, and you're on your own.
Good luck!

Other aspect from Metalgear Solid gameplay is, how the level is too short for mobile games standard. You may also remember other game such as, Assassin's creed HD, SC:CT, they both have a long level gameplay, and great storyline aswell. And Metalgear Solid doesn't have that aspect. Because, a lot of gamer expect more from this game when they put this game in the market. They expected more level, more storyline, more intrigue, more mission, and so on. But, they didn't get it. Maybe that is the consideration from Konami developer. And that is too shame!

For sounds aspect, maybe not too special, i am not saying that this game's sounds is crappy. But it is too average. The theme song is changing depends on the game situation. It goes fast if enemy is alerted, but it goes normal and slow if they dont find anything.

Metalgear Solid is a cool game, but not too special. Maybe for the short mission aspect. But, it is worth to buy. Dont expect too much!

iPhone Now The Most Popular Handheld

I have a good news for all of you who have a big desire about Apple's iPhone. Recently, Analyst firm comScore has announced its latest market research, stating that iPhone has overtaken Motorola's RAZR as the most popular handheld gaming in the US. Yeah, it's true and it's making iPhone to be the most popular handheld gaming in the world.
One which support Specifically, it claims 8.5 million US mobile users downloaded at least one game during November 2008, with 14 per cent of those doing it on iPhones.
What's more, 32.4 per cent of all iPhone users surveyed by the company said they downloaded a game during that month. Nearly a third!
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Meanwhile, comScore says handheld gaming went more mainstream in 2008.
"Over the past year, we have seen handheld gaming expand into a broadening demographic, with strongest growth among teens, who previously eschewed their mobile device in favor of handheld gaming devices, and those 35 and older," quoted from senior analyst Mark Donovan.

GBA Best Games for Symbian 9

These are 16 GBA best games for Nokia Phone Symbian 9 s60 that i can post to this blog, but these GBA best games can only work with Nokia phones. Enjoy!

But before you download all of these games, you may need to install the Application called Vbag


  1. The sims 2 mirror 1 mirror2
  2. The Urbz mirror 1 mirror2
  3. Prince of persia: The sand of time mirror 1 mirror 2
  4. Batman begins mirror 1 mirror 2
  5. Splinter cell Pandora tomorrow mirror 1 mirror 2
  6. Need for speed Carbon mirror 1 mirror 2
  7. Crash of the titans mirror 1
  8. Riviera - The Promised Land Including Complete Walkthrough mirror 1
  9. Final Fantasy 4 mirror 1
  10. Enchanted mirror 1
  11. Final Fantasy 5 mirror 1
  12. High school musical : Livin the dream mirror 1
  13. Madagascar mirror 1
  14. Castlevania: Aria of the sorrow mirror 1
  15. Tarzan mirror 1
  16. Max payne mirror 1

Opera Mini Jar Modification Can be a Great Platform for Blogging

Maybe some of you already knew that our Os9 phone can do the blogging stuff with Blogger. Yeah, its true. Blogging with Opera Mini Jar can be so relaxing to do. It's even better using our phone to blog than our PC. And we can use opera mini jar modification to make it easy for us to manage our blog. We can copy text or url, paste, multiple text copy, and whatever.

For me, personally, opera mini jar mod it's great gadget for us to do the internet stuff, and it's very fast and cheap.
Get opera mini jar mod. here

Ok, let's proceed to the tutorial session, How to do a blogging with our OS9 phone.

First of all, you must assign a key to do some blogging job on opera mini jar mod.
This is my shortcut key, maybe some of you are interesting to assign a shortcut key just like i do.

Shortcut key:
#1. Download (download list)
#2. Copy (copy url address)
* To paste the url, enter the textbox you edit and then press PASTE. You can do a multiple copy by just pressing #2 on every url you wish to copy, and it will be shown on "the multi-clipboard".
#3. Save images
#4. Home
#5. History
#6. Text screen (copy text/screen you highlight)
* To copy text, enter the textbox, press mark button on the right key and then block the text you wish to copy.
#7. Add bookmark
#8. Setting
#9. Save (save page)
#0. Go to the end of page (to skip or fast scrolling)

If you don't want to bother yourself to set the key. Download this , extract the file, and then run opera mini jar mod. , go to menu-tools-setting-imp/exp, and then import that file i gave you. And it's done.

And for *1 - *9 is a shortcut key for url address. You can assign it yourself.

Ok let's start blogging. Good luck..

What i Need to Do before Formatting Nokia?

In this article, i am gonna show you about

What We Need to Do before Formatting Nokia?

Maybe this formatting nokia tips can be very useful tips considering that what you gonna do will delete all files in phone memory, including your contact list, saved games/application file in phone memory.

These is the list of what you need to do before formatting nokia.

1. Save your contact to the sim card contact memory.

2. Save your text files on notes application to the memory card using x-plorer application by creating new text file, if you have an important text files such as keygen, or password, etc.

3. Reinstall your important java application such as operamini mod application on your memory card,and then install midlet restorer on memory card and run the midlet restorer, after doing hard format, run midlet restorer again, because after doing hard format, your application in memory card will be reinstalled automaticly. So your operamini bookmarks will be saved in memory card.

4. Save your saved games data for Ngage 2.0 Games.
How to find Ngage 2.0 Saved data?
This is what you need to do, open the secman application, turn the file access on, open the x-plorer application, go to c:/private/ and copy the 20007b39 folder to memory card. And after
A. formatting nokia, and
B. adjusting your phone,
C. installing Ngage 2.0 Application,
D. run the Ngage 2.0 Application, and then, put back the 20007b39 folder to c:/private/ .

If you have other games such as Real football 2009 HD, Assassins creed HD, etc. Dont delete that games, the games will be automatically reinstalled itself with the save data.

5. Save the java application in memory card before formatting nokia and run the application called "midlet restorer", you can get it in this blog.

6. If you use magic key application, go to c:/system/apps/magickey and save the file called "config.ini" to memory card and put it back to the same folder after formatting nokia, of course after adjusting your phone, and install magic key apps.

So that's it, good luck with formatting nokia.

This tips will be updated..

OS9 Phone compability READ THIS FIRST

Os9.1>> n71. n73. n75. n77. n80. n91. n91 8gb. n92. n93. n93i. e50. e60. e61. e62. e65. e70. 3250. 5500Sport. 6290

Os9.2>>n76. n77.. n81. n81 8gb. n82. n95. n95 8gb.

Os9.2 non Nseries>>e51. e65. e66. e71. e90. 6110. 6120. 6290. 5700. Samsung SGH-i450. Samsung SGH-i520. Samsung SGH-i550. Samsung SGH-i560. Samsung G810. LG KT610

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To be announced games

Hi Gamelidz readers,
I have a "To Be Announced java games" whether by big publisher or small publisher. I marked with the red word for the most awaited games. Ignore the other because you wont see that games in my blog. Sorry..
I think the most awaited games in the list would be Guitar Rock Tour 2 and Spiderman: Toxic City. Here's the list:

1. The Sims 3 (by EA Mobile
2. Spiderman: Toxic City (by Gameloft)
3. Diamond Islands (by Digital Chocolate)
4. Disneys Kingdom: Kart Racer (by Disney Mobile)
5. Where's Waldo? (by Capcom Mobile)
6. Hard Rock: Casino Collection (by EA Mobile)
7. Super Rebond (by Mr.Goodliving)
8. Monster Smash (by Appabove Games, LLC)
9. Nightclub Fever (by Digital Chocolate)
10. Jewel Quest Deluxe (by I-play)
11. Marble Cannon (by Nokia)
12. Wallace & Gromit: Adventures (by Unknown)
13. Guitar Rock Tour 2 (by Gameloft)
14. UP (by THQ Wireless)
15. Metal Gear (by Konami Digital Entertainment/Connect2Media)
16. Sonic Unleashed (by Gameloft & SEGA)
17. Crazy Monkey Spin (by Digital Chocolate)
18. Coin Flipper (by Inlogic Software)
19. M.U.M.U. Judgment Day (by Herocraft)
20. 1942 (by Capcom Mobile)

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Resident Evil Degeneration N-Gage Review

N Gage Games Resident Evil Degeneration Game: Resident Evil Degeneration
OS Nokia Ngage 2.0
GENRE Horror-Third person shooter
DESCRIPTION From the famous console games and films, now we have the most horrifying zombie shooter game, Resident Evil Degeneration on N-Gage. 

Okay, in this article, i will start to review some of N-gage 2.0 games that are considered by Gamelidz as a worth buying games.

I think, Capcom is really serious in developing this game. You can see how well they create the atmosphere and bring the horrifying artistic into Resident Evil Degeneration. The texture is really smooth for mobile games standards. You may remember about N-Gage classic game called Splinter cell: Chaos theory (SC:CT) right? the same genre in gameplay for comparing. In Chaos Theory, you may see how rough the graphic in that game. The texture  is really lame and looks just like a 3D cartoon, although the gameplay in that game is superb and brilliant which brings the same exactly gameplay from its predecessors on consoles. But in Resident Evil Degeneration, you may feel like you really play the same exact console version of this game. The frame rate of this game is simply smooth, which is the good point for mobile game standards, great and smooth graphics.
N Gage Games Resident Evil Degeneration  
For Resident Evil Degeneration gameplay, i think, Capcom is trying to adjust the gameplay for this mobile version with the console ones. The gameplay in this game is really simple (not like in the consoles version) and i must say this game is a little bit easy to play. It is really facile to kill all the zombies that stand in your way. You just need to point the red x-ray on your gun to the core of the zombie's head But that doesn't make this game so crappy and lame in gameplay aspect. Somehow, i just enjoy playing it, while hearing the groaning of zombies, looking at them, pointing to the head, and shooting them till they down on their knees and getting death. But it's cool!

The sound in Resident Evil Degeneration is surprisingly terrific. Great theme song and creepy voice actor from groaning of zombies, clear gun shot sounds depend on what gun you choose. Superb! By the way, in this game, you can choose variety of gun types, from magnum, electric saw, shotgun, AK-47, grenade, machine gun, but it's a shame that we can't find a bazooka, because i will love to see all the zombies in one place and destroy them with a massive destruction. Nice.

Storyline is great! Not boring to follow the whole story of Resident Evil Degeneration. You have to find the survivors from the plane crash and rescue them to the safe place and avoid the survivors and yourself of course, from getting bitten by the dog, ehm.. sorry, by the zombies.

I have to admit that this is the greatest mobile game so far, and they really set the bar high, although in graphics, i must say, other N-GAGE 2.0 games called "ONE" will win the competition. But overall, this games can kill other games on N-Gage platform. And that's really good, because other developers will finally take this business seriously and keep creating some good stuff for gaming for the long sweet future.
Once again, Fantastic!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

iPhoneGames Boosted Gameloft Sales in App Store

Hi Gamelidz reader,
I always mention in this blog that iPhone is a strong handheld for gaming. Right now, they prove it again that this platform is a strong gaming machine with iPhoneGames boosted Gameloft Sales in App Store . Read the rest of this articles written by Dianne See Morrison
The iPhone has once again boosted Gameloft (EPA: GFT) earnings. The French gaming firm singled out the "strong performance" of its iPhone games, as well as "solid sales" of Java and Brew games, as helping boost mobile games sales 21 percent in the first quarter. The news about Java and Brew games is especially interesting as industry sales of these games are "slowly decreasing," by Gameloft estimates. Company spokesperson Anne-Laure Descleves said that sales of the Java and Brew games, usually played on traditional feature phones, rose 6 percent compared to the same period last year. Overall, Gameloft reported sales of 30.8 million euros ($40.8 million) in the first quarter of 2009, an increase of 22 percent from the previous year. On a comparable exchange rate basis, growth in Q1 reached 18 percent.

Read for more of this article on
Interested to test drive iPhoneGames for yourself? What are waiting for, let's buy iPhone on Amazon. You wont regret it.