Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nokia Ngage Will be Released Soon in India

Great news again ( becomes the most familiar words in Gamelidz, we love great news!), for all of you game freaks in India. India which is already known has a huge mobile phone market, become no surprise that Indians also love mobile gaming. Cool! In india, finally, Nokia has served people in India with the newest domestic entertainment, and that is Nokia Ngage. Yeah, you heard it right, Nokia Ngage Will be Released Soon in India.

"With Nokia Ngage, Nokia is looking at redefining the gaming experience for consumers in India as well as creating a strong and collaborative ecosystem so as to catalyst the market for mobile gaming," quoted from Vineet Taneja, director of marketing at Nokia India as saying. Furthermore, he also says that the company are aiming to provide a holistic consumer experience, be it in terms of discovery and access, top quality content, billing flexibility and innovative devices and accessories.

Recently, Nokia's pride handheld gaming, Nokia Ngage platform, has just been rolled out in India, where there's an approximately 300 million mobile phones in use. But the question is, how many of them are compatible with Nokia Ngage if the gaming platform's only just been launched, you might astutely ponder?

It was informed that a small collection of S60 carriers were already on sale in India when the next generation of Nokia Ngage first launched, where people can simply do a quick download to get the arena up and running.

And the benefit, is that one of India's official languages is English, so games won't really need localizing as they would in, say, China.

Then again, the one who can be the savior of Nokia Ngage is, of course, the Indian pocket gamer, if Nokia can effectively market it to this potentially massive install base.

We must see further in the future. Because i personally, became the Nokia Ngage fans when the first launch of that platform, i mean, Nokia Ngage QD. So i have a huge hope that in the future, Nokia Ngage would be as huge as console platforms, PlayStation/XBOX or even bigger. So this is a good news for me too.

Nokia Ngage is becoming the Simple but Great entertainment in our life.

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