Monday, April 6, 2009

Galaxy on Fire 2 Will soon be Rolled Out for iDevices

Hi Iphone maniac,
Prepare yourself because Fishlabs's pride title, Galaxy on Fire 2 will be released for iPhone. After accepting a lot of good reviews for its Galaxy on Fire 2 recently for 3D java games, Fishlabs is also preparing themselves to bring the first Galaxy on Fire 2 series game for iPhone handheld. It's planned to be out later this month, and we've gotten exclusive first screenshots for the iPhone version, which you can take a look below.

galaxyonfire, galaxy on fire 2

What do you think, isn't that great? And there will be a lot of improvements in this series. It is promised that, this Fishlabs new installment will bring much more advanced technology for its graphics to take the advantages of Apple's handset, which is also there is a new Touch n Tilt based user interface too.

galaxyonfire, galaxy on fire 2

So, if you're new to Galaxy on Fire 2, Galaxy on fire is an simulation space-shooter providing more than 20 hours of gameplay, as you swoop through space trading and shooting. Like a 21st-Century Elite.

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