Tuesday, April 14, 2009

TerminatorSalvation Rolled Out for iPhone and iPod Touch

Hi Gamelidz readers,
Have you ever thought that soon in the future, you will see a mobile phone game looks exactly like this! Anyway, these are the screenshot of a brand new game for iPhone called TerminatorSalvation, developed by Gameloft.

TerminatorSalvation for iPhoneGames
What do you think? Isn't that crazy that game will be released for mobile device? Yes, i'm not lying to you all guys. It's true.. And you will be able to enjoy TerminatorSalvation soon and Gameloft will be the publisher for this game.

Yeah! It's already known that iPhone has now become the very famous handheld in gaming industry these days. iPhone has all what it takes to take over the gaming handheld industry, say, iPhone is a strong contender for PSP handheld. Apple iPhone has got its strength hardware machine being used in handling every kind of high quality game. So, don't be surprised if in the future, you will see Grand theft auto, Resident Evil, Splinter Cell, or other high quality games on iPhone.

TerminatorSalvation for iPhoneGames
By the way, Gameloft president Michel Guillemot, speaking to MTV Multiplayer, has unveiled that his studio will be releasing the official TerminatorSalvation iPhone game on the same day of the US release of the movie itself, May 22nd.

He said that Gameloft wanted to really push the graphics to the limit on this game because of the intensity and power of the action scenes in the film.
"We worked closely with Halcyon to make sure that the game complemented the film in a way which not only was true to the storyline, but also brought an added value for the player when they bought the game." he added.
For information, The TerminatorSalvation itself has received much of its attention thanks to Christian Bale, who takes on the role of John Connor. The story follows Connor as he battles it out with Skynet in 2018, when the machines begin to rise up.

From the concept art released by Gameloft, it appears as though we can expect some Gears of War-style covered shooting, along with multiplayer action, full 3D visuals and a variety of weapons.
"The development team working on this title were quite driven and passionate about the license because they all grew up watching the Terminator franchise," quoted from Guillemot as saying.
"At the end of the day, the consumer establishes a relationship with the publisher and you either come to trust their product or not. Gameloft has always been credited with high production values in the media and from our competitors, so I am confident this game will do well."
Are you excited? Well, We have to wait for this iPhone (aff) game to be released soon.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Watchmen Game "Justice is Coming" Released for iPhone

New Role playing game for iPhone will come to our beloved handheld. Yeah another great game with great graphics but hopefully with perfect gameplay too. Taken from the new box-office action heroes movies. Watchmen Game will be released on iPhone games soon.

Watchmen Game

Watchmen GameFor anyone here who doesn't know about Watchmen Game really is, let me tell you.

"Watchmen Game: Justice is Coming" is an online roleplaying game or famous to be called as MMORPG style gameplay, which is developed for the iPhone and iPod Touch exclusively and inspired by the highly anticipated heroes box-office movies WATCHMEN.

It's called online because this Watchmen Game will mostly use internet connection during the game.
In Watchmen Game, create your own unique character and begin adventuring through the dark and gritty streets of New York City in the year 1975, where crime is rampant and average citizens take matters into their own hands. Gain your level up by discovering hidden artifacts and completing story objectives, defeating criminals and challenging other players to battle in a dynamic strategy fighting game.
Interested with Watchmen Game? You must be patient. What will we get from this Watchmen Game?
  1. We will get a rich real-time 3D environments with thousands of other player-characters in-game using Last Legion's patent pending cloud MMO technology.
  2. We can also create our own Watchmen Game avatar with unique look, skills, and costumes
  3. The most awaited feature from this game is we can socialize with other online characters with in-game chat feature
  4. It's like playing online game on internet where we can buy stuff from people around the world. C.O.O.L
  5. Our Player statistic must be important where we can gain our level up.
  6. Adventure through 5 vast environments completing story objectives (Downtown, Red Light District, Cemetery, Financial District, City Park)
REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with Iphone and iPod touch, requires iPhone 2.2 Software Update

Are you excited? So do i. What are you waiting for? Let's buy iPhone (aff) on Amazon website if you want to enjoy this Watchmen Game.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nokia Ngage Will be Released Soon in India

Great news again (yeah..it becomes the most familiar words in Gamelidz, we love great news!), for all of you game freaks in India. India which is already known has a huge mobile phone market, become no surprise that Indians also love mobile gaming. Cool! In india, finally, Nokia has served people in India with the newest domestic entertainment, and that is Nokia Ngage. Yeah, you heard it right, Nokia Ngage Will be Released Soon in India.

"With Nokia Ngage, Nokia is looking at redefining the gaming experience for consumers in India as well as creating a strong and collaborative ecosystem so as to catalyst the market for mobile gaming," quoted from Vineet Taneja, director of marketing at Nokia India as saying. Furthermore, he also says that the company are aiming to provide a holistic consumer experience, be it in terms of discovery and access, top quality content, billing flexibility and innovative devices and accessories.

Recently, Nokia's pride handheld gaming, Nokia Ngage platform, has just been rolled out in India, where there's an approximately 300 million mobile phones in use. But the question is, how many of them are compatible with Nokia Ngage if the gaming platform's only just been launched, you might astutely ponder?

It was informed that a small collection of S60 carriers were already on sale in India when the next generation of Nokia Ngage first launched, where people can simply do a quick download to get the arena up and running.

And the benefit, is that one of India's official languages is English, so games won't really need localizing as they would in, say, China.

Then again, the one who can be the savior of Nokia Ngage is, of course, the Indian pocket gamer, if Nokia can effectively market it to this potentially massive install base.

We must see further in the future. Because i personally, became the Nokia Ngage fans when the first launch of that platform, i mean, Nokia Ngage QD. So i have a huge hope that in the future, Nokia Ngage would be as huge as console platforms, PlayStation/XBOX or even bigger. So this is a good news for me too.

Nokia Ngage is becoming the Simple but Great entertainment in our life.

News taken from www.pocketgamer.co.uk/..

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Worms World Party Released on N-Gage

After long time awaited and extra delay from publisher, the most wanted third party N-gage Games called Worms World Party (which is released because Worms World Party fans were demanding for Nokia Ngage official forum to release this game for NGage platform) is officially available now in N-Gage showroom Yeah.

The best feature of Worms World Party is of course its online "up to four players" multiplayer mode, and it makes Worms World Party to be the first third party game to offer this mode for N-Gage.

How To download Worms World Party?

Firstly, open the N-Gage Installer, and drop by to the showroom. After that, select "Options" and then opt to "Update Now". Anyway, if you don't want to bother yourself, you can find Worms World Party in the "All Games" section.

For information, Worms World Party is a kind of game which is filled with odd but funny weapons and silly voices where cartoon worms compete to destroy each other in the high competitive wars. It's a strategy game. As well as offline gameplay, Worms World Party lets you play online multiplayer through the internet in four-player death matches, and there's also an online ranking system.

Actually, The original N-Gage had a version of Worms World Party in 2004, but this is a new version which has been beefed up to match the abilities of the new N-Gage-compatible phones. Nokia has confirmed this game in a press release.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on to N-Gage Showroom.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Galaxy on Fire 2 Will soon be Rolled Out for iDevices

Hi Iphone maniac,
Prepare yourself because Fishlabs's pride title, Galaxy on Fire 2 will be released for iPhone. After accepting a lot of good reviews for its Galaxy on Fire 2 recently for 3D java games, Fishlabs is also preparing themselves to bring the first Galaxy on Fire 2 series game for iPhone handheld. It's planned to be out later this month, and we've gotten exclusive first screenshots for the iPhone version, which you can take a look below.

galaxyonfire, galaxy on fire 2

What do you think, isn't that great? And there will be a lot of improvements in this series. It is promised that, this Fishlabs new installment will bring much more advanced technology for its graphics to take the advantages of Apple's handset, which is also there is a new Touch n Tilt based user interface too.

galaxyonfire, galaxy on fire 2

So, if you're new to Galaxy on Fire 2, Galaxy on fire is an simulation space-shooter providing more than 20 hours of gameplay, as you swoop through space trading and shooting. Like a 21st-Century Elite.