Saturday, March 28, 2009

Stop Global Warming by Turning Off Electricity for Earth Sake!!

How to Stop Global Warming for EarthSafeYeah today is super cool Saturday morning. I get so excited with this moment. Maybe all of you don't understand with what will happen today in Indonesia. We all in Indonesia will hold a prestigious moment for this Earth. Yeah, we will spent our 60 minutes in the dark in order to stop global warming and the most important thing, to safe the earth. Yeah, isn't that cool?.

You still don't get what i am talking about, oh man, where have you been?

Okay, let me explain to you. Today, in 60 minutes, we have to plug off every electric activity, and that means we have to turn off our tv, radio, fridge, and so on, and so on for 60 minutes.

Our "Earth day" will begin at 8.30 pm.

This is official, remember, this is official for our country, Indonesia. So if you have a relatives, brothers, sisters from Indonesia, please let them know that we are all care with global issue, which is to stop global warming. And i, personally, really concerned about this "stop global warming" issue. So you better did so.

By the way, Have you all watched Al Gore's (a US former vice president) movie. I think, that is the greatest movie ever. Actually, that is not a movie, that is a documentary movie about how to stop global warming. If you've already watched that movie, so you will understand that our earth need to be saved.

So, people who live in Indonesia, please, help this earth, safe this earth and stop global warming. It is not that hard, you just need to spent only 60 minutes. And it will begin at 8.30 pm.

Help this earth...
Safe this earth...
Stop global warming...
You Are Cool.

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