Friday, December 4, 2009

Paypal on mobile? Limited Account Paypal problem

Did you all know that we can access our Paypal account with our phone through 3rd party internet browser such as operamini (which i'm using right know to blogging) , opera symbian 8.5, UcWEB java or symbian,..etc.

But the main question for this topic is, is it safe to access our Paypal account using Operamini?

Maybe we will get many answers for that question. Some says it is safe, maybe because it is so simple to refund our money, than they keep doing that. But, some says it is not safe, because they already had the problem caused by accessing Paypal account with 3rd party internet browsers. They said suddenly their account become limited, and Paypal support service asks them to send their ID card.

And after searching the answer through internet, we found that answer. It's connected with Ip address.

Do you know what is IP address? What? IP address (Internet Protocol address) is a computer's network address. So we all have a different ip address depends on our computer area.

Do you know that Operamini is using Norway ip address to operate their service? So if we all use operamini, it assumes us that we are all living in norway.

You may remember that when we register to Paypal account, we have to give our real ID. So, if we live in US, we give our US id card, and if we live in indonesia (which is my lovely country), we give our Indonesia id card to them, and so are other country.

So if we live in US and already gave them our US id, and then Paypal server identifies us as living in Norway, so we might confuse them. And then they "punished" us by making our account limited.

Do you want to bother yourself with this problem? Cause I DONT.

And how to solve it?

The answer is easy. You can easely access your Paypal account with your phone original web browser, not with the 3rd party web browser. Because it uses normal IP address.

Dare to try it? Let me know your experience.

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