Wednesday, December 9, 2009

N_Gage is Leaving Nokia N 73 and Nokian93 Users

Bad news for all you of who are using some of the N-series phones. For specifically, this news is a must read article for Nokia N 73, Nokian93 and N93i users.

After "deep in silence" for almost eighteen months, a moderator from Nokia forum has finally made an official statement about the status of N-Gage on the Nokia N 73, Nokian93 and N93i platforms.
"N-GAGE will stop producing a new title for Nokia N 73, Nokian93 and N93i phones".

It becomes a shock therapy for that phone users i mentioned above. For information, Nokia N 73, Nokian93 and N93i are using an old Symbian operation system 9.1.

Nokia already released a new operation system of Symbian, Symbian OS 9.5, which is used for a touch screen phones. And for the future, Nokia will be developing for a new system. So they will "one by one" leave some old phone.

The older OS versions and less powerful hardware on those models apparently weren't strong enough to handle next gen N-Gage games. Maybe that's connected with RAM compatibility. Nokia's older version didn't offer enough space.

Like i said before, this is a bad article to read. Actually, it reminds me when i bought my first phone ever: Nokia 3660 -> N-gage QD -> SE S700i -> SE K750i -> and finally My 5700XM. It is all because my curiosity for mobile gaming.

So if you call yourself a mobile game freaks, then buy a new phone which is using the newer Symbian OS.

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