Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ngage Error When Installing Games

Have you ever faced a corrupt file problem, like Ngage error when Installing N gage Games on your phone? If yes, Gamelidz will give you the best answer.

First, you have to know why that happen?
Maybe, unfinished process of downloading can cause the element of file is incomplete, so the file is corrupted.
Other reason is, maybe you extract the file using X-plorer application on your phone, but you download that file using PC, So the file is corrupted.

How to solve that problem?
The answer for that Ngage error is, if you download the file using PC, (maybe because the file is too big to download using phone that waste your sim card money). So you have to extract that file using PC too, and dont use X-plorer application from your phone.

So that solve that Ngage error.

Update: Anyway, if you dont have a PC, you can extract the zip file from N-Gage games by using a Zipman or HandyZip for extracting ZIP files. And FreeUNRAR for extracting RAR files. Hope it works guys!

Note: Remember, dont use X-plore to extract the N-gage games.